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          Anti-corrosion fan

          • Pp plastic fan
          Pp plastic fan

          Pp plastic fan

          • PP Plastic fan
          • PP Anticorrosion fan
          • Product description: This page details the type and model of PP fan, plastic fan, our company is a plastic fan, pp fan manufacturer, supply and sales of PP fan, plastic fan, welcome to buy
          • INQUIRY
            Fan usage:
            For pumping wind containing corrosive acid and alkali gases in industrial plants
            Exhaust wind of different kinds of gases in chemical laboratory equipment
            Ventilation for use in biological laboratories
            Exhaust from purification equipment used to remove odors

            Exhaust wind used in coastal areas prone to moisture decomposition of corrosive areas Models & amp; parameters: Please refer to the model and parameters of centrifugal fan on this site, most centrifugal fans can be made of PP material