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          Roots Blower

          • Roots Blower
          • Roots Blower
          • Roots Blower
          • Roots Blower
          Roots BlowerRoots BlowerRoots BlowerRoots Blower

          Roots Blower

          • Roots Blower
          • Three-leaf roots fan
          • Ultra high pressure large roots fan
          • Product description: This page for you to introduce our company's production of Roots fan, three-leaf roots fan, roots blower, high quality and low price, welcome to buy, Zibo Yi Fan sincere service for you!
          • INQUIRY
            Three-leaf roots blower Construction
            Roots blower referred to as Roots fan, also known as Roots pump, Lu fan.
            Roots fan is composed of 4 parts, such as chassis, wall plate, impeller part, import and export muffler, etc.
            Chassis: Mainly used to support wall panels, impeller parts, mufflers and fixed functions.
          Wall panels: Mainly used to connect the chassis and impeller part, and support the rotation of the impeller, as well as the effect of sealing the end surface.
          Impeller part: Is the rotation part of the roots fan, divided into two leaves and three leaves, three-leaf roots fan than the two Yerotz fan exhaust pulsation is small, noise is small, smooth operation.
          Muffler: Reduce the noise caused by airflow pulsation by reducing the inlet and out of the roots fan.
          Advantage characteristics of three-leaf roots fan
          1, the third generation impeller type line design, national patent protection technology.
          2, impeller material for ductile iron, impeller dynamic balance level is not less than G6.3 class.
          3, the use of CNC machining center, a single clamping multi-process automatic processing, parts have interchangeability.
          4, gear accuracy reached 5 level standard, bearing life of 20,000 hours.
          5, the use of Labyrinth seal, fully competent high temperature, high pressure, high speed and large size seal. 6, the whole machine structure is compact, small size, light weight.